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These images were created for Books We Love.

These images are all individual pieces that when put together, create the whole 'Available At' image above.


The whole graphic was made so that the bottoms can be changed out to different genres, and each can be customized to where the title is available.






These are images that I created for Jenna Byrnes, Jude Mason and 
Michelle Houston to contribute to the Coming Together: 
Against H8 book.  They are to take the place of photos.










This is a header graphic that I created for Margaret Tanner and Cheryl Wright to use
on their collaborative website - Romance Authors.

I also created a background tile image, a banner, and a couple of different sized logo images.


Cheryl Wright also asked for some images for her website - including a banner and three different sized logos.  I also created a background tile image for her. (all of which were created from 
her original website images - which I did not create).




The rest of the images should be fairly self-explanatory.