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All Testimonials Posted With Permission of the Author:

Michelle's covers have brought my characters to life. They are a show stopper at every book signing. Often readers and author friends tell me I'm so lucky to have such great covers, and I answer: "Yes, but it's not luck, it's talent." - Vijaya Schartz, medieval and sci-fi romance with a kick. 




Michelle Lee covers are always spot on. I believe her unique touch helps bring my novel to life and catches the eye of readers. I truly believe her artistic representation of my novels greatly contribute to my sales. You can't go wrong with a Michelle Lee cover. ~ Nancy Bell


I would like to express my extreme delight at the cover page you designed for my book, The Twisted Climb. I provided my wish list for its design and content and you, you Michelle, created a masterpiece. Not one single change was required. You exceeded my design expectations in a big way. Thank you! ~  J.C. Kavanagh

As an author, it is very important to have good cover art which will draw a reader to your book. It's even better when he/she is compelled to open and start reading right there at the bookstore shelves. I can truly say I am thrilled with the cover art Michelle has provided. They are unique and embody my stories. I'm very glad for Michelle's excellence. ~ Eleanor Stem


For my book, Possessing Prudence, Michelle captured the essence of my character's to a tee, including their images, clothing and background. She has the uncanny ability of reading my mind! ~ Betty Ann Harris


Michelle Lee has been designing my covers, banners and websites for over five years. I have no need to look anywhere else when I'm in need of graphics of any kind. Michelle gives the customer what s/he wants at a more than reasonable price.  On a professional level, when Books We Love needed a cover artist Michelle was the first person I thought of. She's created hundreds of covers, logos and images which have delighted our staff and authors. She worked her way up to Art Director and continues to provide the images we need on a daily basis. We highly recommend Michelle Lee for all your graphic needs.  ~ Jamie Hill - Author 


High quality website and banner/logo designs. I've used Michelle Lee's talents on several different websites and have been extremely pleased with all of them. She has an eye for what works and has always steered me in the right direction for my needs. I've had lots of covers over the years, and some of the best ones were designed by Michelle. I'm thrilled when I get to request a new cover because she has the talent and ability to give me exactly what I was hoping for at a super fair price. The extra touches Michelle adds to her covers give them sparkle that readers and reviewers alike have commented on. Great covers are a requirement for book sales. Michelle Lee creates great covers. ~ Jenna Byrnes, Author of Page Scorching Erotic Romance


From a brief description and a vague idea, Michelle designed some lovely cover art for my soon to be released 17th Century novels; not an easy task when images authentic to the era are difficult to find. I feel these will be an excellent asset in their promotion as they carry a strong atmosphere of the novels. ~ Anita Seymour, author of The Rebel's Daughter and The Goldsmith's Wife


Michelle Lee is an artist with fonts and colors and her covers make my books come alive. One or two of them have even provided the nudge for additional books in a particular series. The overall impression her covers make is 'Wow!' Look for the details, that extra sparkle factor that pulls in a reader's eye. Once you see them, you'll understand the 'Wow!' ~ Gail Roughton, author of the War-N-Wit series 


Give Michelle a good thumbnail of your book, and she'll quickly respond with an INSPIRATIONAL cover! ~ Juliet Waldron, Author


I can't say enough about Michelle's work. She's a gifted artist with a knack for capturing the essence of the book. She definitely captured the essence of Sex, Love & Murder, Hurricane House and my soon to be released, A Message in the Roses. She's also quick and versatile. I recently asked her to design a banner for Hurricane House. Before the day was out, she delivered not one but two eye-catching banners. She continues to amaze me. ~ Sandy Semerad, author of Hurricane House, A Message in the Roses, and Sex, Love & Murder

Michelle's covers are absolutely gorgeous. Whenever any of my books sell well, I know I can give much of the credit to Michelle Lee. ~ Shirley Martin, author of the Avador series


I had never really considered what went in to creating a cover until I read Michelle’s article on creating covers for a linked series. Now I have a better understanding of the process I appreciate all the more the results of her considerable talents, especially with my Buxton Chronicles trilogy. Thank you, Michelle!  ~ Victoria Chatham, Author

Michelle Lee has now done eight covers for me (two books not yet released) and I couldn’t be more pleased with them. With each book she has found just the right images and I love the backgrounds she has created for them. I mostly write historical romance and each cover has a distinctly romantic feel to it. I like that.  ~ Victoria Chatham


Michelle, thank you so much for the divine covers you have created for all of my Books We Love novels. My favorite cover, Fiery Possession, was a nominee in the LR Cafe's Best of 2013. I can't tell you how thrilled I was, and I think this accolade just goes to show what a talented cover artist you are. ~ Margaret Tanner, Author


I sent Michelle my ideas for my next cover and by the following morning I received exactly what I envisaged. All Michelle's cover designs are of the highest quality and guaranteed to sell your book. 

Michelle never fails to deliver fantastic covers for my books. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite, but if I had to choose one I think it would be Leah in Love (and Trouble). It catches the mood of the book perfectly. Michelle manages to come up with such wonderful art work each time with just a few hints from us authors. ~ Tricia McGill, author of Mystic Mountains and Distant Mountains


The publishing world is awash with look-alike covers created by Photoshop technicians. Michelle, in contrast, is an artist, someone who understands how to use color, pattern, light and shadow to convey ideas and emotions. The covers she has made for my books are among my favorites. ~ Lisabet Sarai, award winning author of more than 50 romance and erotica titles


Michelle takes the kernel of an idea and creates a professional, eye-catching, top notch book cover! ~ Ann Herrick, Author

Incredible covers are what you want and get. Whether a series or a single title, Michelle Lee designs are beyond the ordinary and have a huge impact on book sales. ~ Rita Karnopp, Author




Comments via SelfPubBookCovers:

All of the covers shown are my creations ...

(Torrid Little Affairs and Living in the Boneyard) We were absolutely thrilled when our small team at A. Gray Publishing discovered SelfPubBookCovers.com. Their artists gave our web group, a polished professional look. We were able to boost the sales of many of our writers and our Facebook page increased in likes exponentially. SelfPubBookCovers.com is a great, reliable source for eBook authors, Novella writers, and anyone involved in the online eReader markets. Thank you SelfPubBookCovers.com, for your professional quality work and services.

Even as a new fiction author, I understand the importance of having well-designed covers, but my budget doesn't extend to the hundreds of dollars other authors claim to pay for their book covers. With SelfPubBookCovers.com I found beautiful, well-designed covers at an affordable price, thus saving the angst of worry over this aspect of self-publishing. Thank you so much for offering this service! Once again, my thanks. Sincerely, Lucy Varna


Not only is your selfpubbookcovers.com site easy to use, the artists are wonderful! I'm not even sure who wrote back to me on twitter, but after I posted my newest cover, they suggested I get back on your site and put my name down underneath the title, which I did...and now I like it even better!? -Sharon Ricklin Jones

I liked the book covers that you were selling on your website, so I decided to get a book cover from you. Thank you so much for the cover.- Adela R.N.